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Stress, anxiety and worry are some of the bad feelings that you experience when debt dominates your life. Understanding your options is the first step needed to reduce these feelings. Knowing your options begins to restore control to you. I am a skilled listener and I would be happy to meet with you to review your situation in detail and then discuss and recommend options for you. For you to make wise decisions it is necessary to understand the Toronto Bankruptcy process. If your goal is to manage, simplify and control your life, I can usually help. For a simple question or to schedule a free meeting, call 416 927-7200 or email

Is Filing for Bankruptcy an Option for You? A review of your situation will identify if this is for you.

The solution to your financial difficulties may be as simple as filing a consumer proposal.

For many people, bankruptcy and consumer proposals are NOT the answer.

Can I get a credit card or buy a home after bankruptcy is over?

Contact me today for a free confidential consultation or just a simple question and answer.


Bankruptcy Trustee’s

What does a Bankruptcy Trustee do? .If you’ve been experiencing debt problems and you’re thinking of filing for bankruptcy, you may have come across the term ‘Bankruptcy Trustee’ during your research and wondered what we do.

Debt Consolidation Toronto

If you’re having trouble paying your bills on time and the interest just keeps piling up, debt consolidation can be an easier way to manage your debt and get you out of the red.

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